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Interior Designer at Work

Interior Design Programs

Are you wanting to hire a designer but you are experiencing some of the following concerns?  

  • Difficult work-life schedule.

  • You have the desire to purchase your own products.

  •  You want to be hands-on or hands-off on your project.

  •  You want the designer to work with current items you own.

  • You want a 1-time consultation/advice with a designer in person or virtually.

  •  You want to create your own package based on your own needs and budget.


In order to address those needs, I have created various programs as well as one that is virtual. They are as follows:

Virtual Design Program, clients will receive a concept 3D rendering, mood board product recommendations, a color palette, and two, one-hour live meetings through the internet.   This program will let you know what your costs will be upfront and allow you to make decisions at your own pace.   Kitchens will not be handled virtually due to their complexity.

One Time Consultation either virtually or in person.

Full Designer.  In-person service to create your own custom package to meet your goals and budget.  You will have the option to utilize JB Adaptations proven quality contractors. 

To take advantage of any of these programs, please click the "Get started" button below to receive the first step in your customized design project.

I look forward to speaking to you!

Jane Barlow



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